If you have pictures of the conference you’d like to share, please send a DropBox/OneDrive/GoogleDrive link to matteo.pelagatti@unimib.it.

Due to low light conditions, some pictures of the plenary sessions are dark and blurred. Sorry about that, but I did not want to disturb the sessions using a flash.

Peter C. B. Phillips keynote lecture

IAAE keynote lecture opening the conference

Michael Spence keynote lecture

Special keynote lecture, chaired by Elsa Fornero

Peter Arcidiacono keynote lecture

Keynote lecture sponsored by the Fondation Banque de France

Andrew Patton keynote lecture

Carlo Giannini lecture, sponsored by the Bank of Italy

Hashem Pesaran keynote lecture

Special keynote lecture

Giorgio Primiceri keynote lecture

Sponsored by Collegio Carlo Alberto

Francesca Molinari keynote lecture

Sponsored by the Italian Econometrics Association (SIdE/IEA)

Aureo de Paula keynote lecture

Sponsored by the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics of the University of Milano-Bicocca

Gala Dinner

Conference dinner in the Sala delle Colonne, Science Museum of Milan, courtesy of the City of Milan

IAAE board and organizers

Member of the IAAE board and conference organizers